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Willow - Eyop's Early Dawn

BVA hips: 7-8 Elbows: 0-0 Eyes: OK

Willow is a fantastic example of Golden Retriever, is a male with a magnificent structure, very good angulations, great head and above all, a wonderful character.
Willow is from Affix Eyop's, from Belgium, and to whose breeder Edlyn Grible, we are very grateful for the trust placed in us and entrust us with this wonderful Golden Retriever.
Willow is the father of Eowin and Noah, who of course have inherited some great virtues from their father.

Sobre Nosotros

Our dogs come from recognized breeders, breeders that we choose for the quality of their dogs, these breeders have also placed all their trust in us and thanks to them we created in their day the breeding base of which we are very proud.