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Willow - Eyop's Early Dawn

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08/10/06 Copa Cataluña Retrievers Ex.1 MJ Best In Show
28/01/07 Exposición Nacional Valls Ex.2 C.I.
10/02/07 Exposicion Nac Zaragoza Exc.2 C.I.
17/10/08 Exposición internacional deMartorell-Barcelona Exc. 1º RCAC-RCACIB
21/12/08 Exposición Internacional de Valencia Excelente 1º CAC – CACIB y Mejor de Raza
— /01/09 Exposición Nacional de Zaragoza M.B
17/10/09 Exposición Internacional de Martorel Excelente Clase Abierta

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Our dogs come from recognized breeders, breeders that we choose for the quality of their dogs, these breeders have also placed all their trust in us and thanks to them we created in their day the breeding base of which we are very proud.